A new construction home gets a makeover.


JZID helped a Florida-Georgia native create a coastal oasis in the middle of Wisconsin. The result is a relaxing home that transplants you to the coast.



The entryway, living room, kitchen and dining room have a large open-concept floor plan that is ideal for entertaining. The white walls brighten up the space, while the tongue and groove details and blue painted ceiling create a soothing and intimate environment. 

Master Bedroom

JZID created a custom 4x4 upholstered headboard out of velvet fabrics. The gradient from a light icy blue to a dark navy mimic the horizon over the ocean. Pops of yellow and crisp white linens make this room a relaxing master retreat. 

Guest Bedrooms

Two spare bedrooms offer freshly designed retreats for guests. A country-inspired room features a wicker chair seating area for morning tea. The nautical bedroom with a bright blue ceiling create a imaginative retreat for my client's nieces.