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The New Coastal Style Board

Coastal and nautical design is always a crowd favorite during the start of summer. Shades of blue, drift wood, rope, coral - who doesn't love the beautiful beach aesthetic? 

For this season, try a more dramatic spin on the usual coastal look. Keep the base of your room a clean white while bringing in bold stripes, graphic or abstract artwork to add color. Set up vignettes that put a spin on the traditional coral and plants and pair it with high gloss surfaces. I especially love the dandelion paperweight in the image below! Blur the line between outdoor and indoor furniture and rugs.

Take a look at the style board below for some inspiration.  

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Image Source: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

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Nostalgic Paint Colors

In my family, there are a lot of things to celebrate in early Spring - four birthdays, an anniversary and Easter. This season brings up a lot of nostalgic memories for me. Tied to these memories are a few colors that have lingered in my mind. I've rounded up 5 paint colors that not only spur these moments, but are also chic when used in design.

1. I grew up in a small town in Illinois and my sister and I regularly went to my grandparent's farmhouse on the outskirts of town. The house is a vibrant red brick home, as is the shed and all of the barns. The red makes the house pop against the green corn fields and large yard that I spent hours running around. Cherry Tomato from Sherwin Williams exudes high-impact energy. This dramatic color works well as an exterior paint color or in formal dining rooms.  

2. My older sister was a fan of the 1980's cartoon Jem and the Holograms (which is now on Netflix). In the show, a young record label exec named Jerrica (on the right below) turns into a rock star diva named Jem with the help of a holographic computer. Jerrica is business savvy and charitable, but her alter ego is glamorous, talented and mysterious. Since I was named after this character, I often imagine myself as my pink-haired rock star alter ego. With a new Jem and Holograms movie coming out later this year, hopefully a new generation of Jerricas are born. Pink Damask from Benjamin Moore isn't as much of a statement as Jem's hair, but it is more versatile and sophisticated. This color is fabulous in traditional spaces, giving a warm tone to the room. 

3. Growing up, one of my favorite movies was (and still is) The Sound of Music. The image of Julie Andrews running through the wildflower covered Alps singing "Do-Re-Mi" is so iconic. The yellow flowers perfectly represent the happiness that the scene exudes. Citron from Farrow and Ball captures this happiness. The color is a great yellow that works well in entryways. You just can't help but smile when seeing a Citron room.

4. Every Easter, my grandmother makes the best decorative eggs. She is a fan of bright colors so she laboriously dyes the eggs until the colors are highly saturated. Naples Blue from Benjamin Moore is as saturated as my grandmother's Easter eggs. This vivid and charming tone works great in bedrooms or as an accent to add interest to a neutral room.

5. When I was in college I spent a semester studying at Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape of South Africa. The city has deep Dutch roots in everything from the Africaans language to their architecture. A typical Cape Dutch house like the one below is ornately shaped with a thatched roof and whitewashed walls. Ever since my semester abroad, I've loved Scandinavian design. Dutch White from Behr is a stark color that exudes a sophisticated minimalism. This color is a great neutral for trim and cabinets or you can go all out and do an entire room in this white to have a clean, modern look. 

What colors have stuck in your mind over the years? Feel free to share your nostalgic moments in the comments below. 

Wild West Meets Modern Luxury

My boyfriend and I just spent the week in Jackson, WY skiing and enjoying the scenery at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort ("JHMR"). Apart from being a challenging and wonderful ski resort, JHMR does an outstanding job combining the rustic, natural feel that a wild west Wyoming vacation should have, with modern luxury. We stayed at the fabulous Teton Mountain Lodge. The staff was uniformily friendly, our room was comfortable and the lodge's common area was modern, yet cozy. 

There are definitely still spots in Jackson Hole that completely follow the rustic cabin feel, but what I found most interesting was how that classic aesthetic converged with contemporary design. There were several elements that I could take from JHMR and put in either a dream cabin/lake house/chateau or a downtown loft. See the style board below.    

All images taken by JZID

All images taken by JZID

Inaugural Post

I took a big risk in August. I quit my job and dove head-first into a new career path. I went from working in Advertising to starting my own interior design business. So far, I'm grateful to have received tremendous support from my friends, family and clients. I cannot say thank you enough. 

I'm starting this blog with the intention of not only showing off my own work, but also educating and inspiring my followers on design. I want this blog to be an archive for tips and tricks of the interior design trade, insight into starting your own business, DIY projects, new products and materials and inspirational imagery from designers across the world. 

To kick things off - here are few things that inspire me in my aesthetic. 


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