JZID Project Reveal - Water Street River Condo

Let’s end 2018 right by featuring a huge transformation we did over the summer on Water Street in downtown Milwaukee. It’s always a treat when we work with clients that have an appreciation of art and design and aren’t afraid of a gut remodel!


Living in the heart of Milwaukee’s downtown shouldn’t be bland but that is exactly what this condo was before the client and I got involved. When we initially walked into this unit, the potential was immediately evident. There were reclaimed wood columns, an original Cream City brick wall, soaring exposed ceilings, and an expansive view of the Milwaukee River. These gorgeous design features just weren’t being highlighted as the design currently stood. White walls and contractor-grade oak cabinets never do a place justice! Just check out that bathroom below - the glass block shower enclosure, wall of mirrors, and all-white finishes make the room feel clinical and cheap.



The nice thing about the state of the condo was that it was a blank canvas! We have been extremely fortunate in that we just work with the best clients that trust our design direction and remodeling expertise. When we met this particular client, he gave us a simple brief: create a Modern Masculine design that is dramatic and unique. Apart from that, we had free reign to interpret the aesthetic as we wished.

During the design conception phase of the project, we brought in a darker color scheme, a mix of natural and man-made textures, low-lying furniture, and bold artwork in order to make a Modern design feel more masculine. We pulled in denim blues, dark greens, blacks, and various grays to contrast again the warm-toned woods on the floor, bar, ceiling, and column. The result makes the wood feel richer and warmer than the previous white color scheme and really pulls in the colors from the river.

Since we were suggesting a finish change on most surfaces, a gut remodel of the bathroom, and all new furniture, the Client had JZID put together a virtual walk-though of the new design. Check out the YouTube video below to see how close we stuck to the design plan. Other than a few items that were omitted due to budget prioritization and artwork changes, the rendering looks super close to the final product.


Other than gutting the bathroom, this entire transformation was done by just bringing in new paint and furniture. One of my favorite parts of the project was the artwork selection. We pulled vintage photos from the Milwaukee Historical Society, had them printed on metal, and then suspended them from the ceiling on airplane wire to create a dramatic installation in the entryway and to create more visual privacy between the bedroom and kitchen.

With JZID’s design expertise and the help of our general contractor, the old all white condo is now just a distant memory!


There are more angles and details from this project in our portfolio - check them out here.

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Experimental Household Items

I stumbled across this experimental rendering project from Mainframe (North). I am absolutely in love with it! Aside from the amazing rendering capabilities, this video's subject matter is so charming and unexpected. Everyday household objects that we are all super familiar are manipulated in humorous and sometimes cringe-worthy ways. I particularly like the bowling ball (00:14) and the glass of milk (00:44). For some reason the light bulbs are making me nervous... 


Master Bathroom Turns Spa Retreat

I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day! I know that I am relaxing after my design presentation yesterday for a master en suite remodel. The client is near my hometown in Illinois, so it was nice to visit family for the long weekend and also be able to meet my client in person. 

My client currently has a large bathroom off of the master bedroom. For a 160 square foot bathroom, it's no wonder that my client wants to remodel - just look at that TINY shower. A 36x35" enclosed shower does not give them the spa-like feel that they want. Having this 64x85" large bathtub would be nice... if there was an equally large shower, because let's be honest, who is really taking a bath everyday when you work full-time? One super nice element of the current floor plan that I'm keeping is the separate water closet. Having a closed off toilet in an en suite is a must-have if there is room for it. 

To turn this bathroom into a spa-like retreat, the client had a few requests - a large shower with a built-in bench, a freestanding bathtub with hydro-therapy jets, elements of natural stone and wood and plenty of linen storage. This bathroom has the square footage, so these requests are all in the realm of possibility. Because this is pretty much a full gut remodel, I created two animated 3D renderings so the client can see what the finished space could look like before ever picking up the sledgehammer. 

I will receive revisions from the client and hear which layout of the bathroom works better for them later this week, but I just love both designs and wanted to share them right away! 

Design Option #1 

Design Option #1 follows the current footprint of the bathroom fairly closely. I'm rotating bathtub so it is perpendicular to the entrance, which leaves room for a large glass shower that measures 70x40" (about twice as big as the current shower). I kept the vanity where it is, but am swapping it out for a double vanity and separate linen tower. The materials are a mix of dark wood, Carrara marble , River Marble porcelain from DalTile and natural sliced pebbles. The overall look is bright and open with a mix of organic and timeless materials.  

Watch the 3D rendering below - 

Design Option #2

Option #2 is a visually impactful design that optimizes the layout of the room. The configuration is changed so that the first thing you see when you enter the room is a marble feature wall with a floating bamboo vanity. This layout gives more privacy since the shower is hidden behind a tile wall and the bathtub cannot be seen from the bedroom. In addition to being more private, the shower is slightly larger than in Design Option #1 – 84” x 55”. Outside of the shower is a built-in tiled bookcase that can house linen and toiletry storage. In order to make room for the freestanding bathtub in front of the window, the water closet door is moved to a different wall and will swing inwards. The material choices in this design are bamboo, Carrara marble, travertine stone and glass mosaic tile. The overall look is more contemporary and compartmentalized.  

Watch the 3D rendering below - 

I'm in love with both of these designs and can't wait to hear which design concept the client wants to proceed with!

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Industrial Condo Design Plan

One project that I have going on now is a historic 3rd Ward condo in Milwaukee. The one-bed condo is an industrial dream - exposed brick, 12 foot ceilings, large windows and all wood floors. Part of my job is to turn the first-time home buyer's open concept area into a well defined  living space that uses the existing kitchen and bar area, while fitting in a seating/TV area and dining. 

There are two main design problems with this room that caused the owners to hire Jerrica Zaric Interior Design: 

  1. The room is long and narrow. I like to call these types of rooms 'bowling alleys'. For this room, the dimensions are 17'W x  27'3"L. 
  2. There is a raised brick platform in the corner of the room that is about 6" tall. and is a quarter circle that juts out 6'.  Looks like there maybe was a stove in that corner when the building was built, but is no longer there. 

To see how I addressed the space planning issues, check out the video below. 

My major design inspirations for the space were the inkjet photo (see image to the right) and the raw materials featured in the space (exposed brick walls and wood ceiling). To tie everything together, I've included natural wood tables mixed with highly graphic prints and sleek, modern furniture. The corner platform is now going to be used as extra seating in the form of a hanging egg chair. This will use the space wisely, while allowing the home owners to sit and see out of their amazing, tall windows that start at 3' off the floor and run up to the ceiling. 

This project will take about 4-5 weeks to complete and I cannot wait to show you all the final photographs.