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I Bought a New Sofa!

The most exciting news - I purchased a new sofa! After months & months of searching for the right look, I finally made a commitment to the Milo Sofa from Sandro. I see a ton of sofas in my day-to-day, but I'm just so picky when it comes to my house. I wanted a Danish-inspired look with wider track arms and a low profile. The sofa had to be deep and down-wrapped. The most complicated factor was that I needed a modular piece that could fit up my super narrow staircase (we had to lift our last sofa up the balcony to the second floor - it was a nightmare). 

The Milo sofa has all of my requirements. Plus, I've been dreaming of that gorgeous bluish-gray velvet upholstery!

As with any custom furniture, the wait is going to be quite long. I'll be lucky if I see this sofa by the end of May. It will totally be worth the wait!

You can purchase the Milo sofa here.

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Lemon tree update

About 3 months ago, my lemon tree flowered for the first time. Recently tiny little green lemons have started to emerge from the flowers.  There are about 30 itty bitty lemons on the tree. I'm not sure how the small tree will support the weight of 30 ripe lemons... but I'm sure it can handle itself. 

Yes, the tree is high maintenance. I keep it under a grow light and spritz it with water twice a day. But, I think the lemons will be ripe by the time summer rolls around.

I can't wait to relax in my newly remodeled yard (still in progress - photos of the process coming soon) with a lemonade in hand!