Welcome to the Team: Madeline Spain

I am happy to announce that I have added Madeline Spain. For the last month or so, Madeline has been quickly getting up to speed on JZID’s processes and open projects. She has brought an energetic and positive vibe to the office and is surprisingly good at making phone calls for someone straight out of college! She’s a great addition to the team…

Meet Madeline

Like Ashley and I, Madeline has small-town origins; growing up in Paddock Lake, WI. It was in this small town that she discovered her love of design and architecture early in life. Madeline went from scheming up new layouts for her family home and helping her mom remodel to majoring in Interior Design at the University of Wisconsin – Stout.

While in school, Madeline became a rendering wizard. She quickly grew to love drafting and all of the technical aspects involved in the design process. Due to her penchant for technical, Madeline became a Revit and rendering tutor where she gave full demonstrations and one-on-one lessons to multiple levels of interior studio classes and helped to prepare for the CIDA accreditation renewal. Her skills definitely surpass my own so odds are that your next space plan will be created by Madeline!

Even though she’s a rendering wiz, Madeline also has a great eye and appreciation of art. At school, she enhanced her Interior Design degree by taking printmaking and furniture design studio art classes. Through these classes, she was able to participate in a four-week program in Los Angeles that worked with a group to build a virtual reality experience inspired by local historical sites. Perhaps it is this time in LA that blossomed her love of the Mid-Century Design aesthetic.

In addition to MCM, Madeline is also partial to the Surrealism. No wonder Spain, a hotbed of the Surrealist movement, has been her favorite travel destination so far. There is such a rich history of design to explore, that I’m sure Madeline will be traveling back to Spain soon. While she waits for her next trip, Madeline enjoys embroidery, drawing, and exploring places with historic architecture.

Madeline graduated in May of 2019 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design and is now a full-time Interior Designer at JZID!

I am excited to show you all what we have been working on as a team. Keep an eye on our Instagram page for updates on our new projects. Lots of exciting things in the works!

We would love to work with you. Contact us to get started on your new build, remodel, or redesign today!