JZID Project Reveal - Small Powder Room, Big Impact

Happy April, everyone! Now that Spring is finally here, we have been getting a ton of calls for interior design assistance with kitchens, living rooms and powder rooms. Everyone has come out of their winter hibernation and is excited for a refresh. We worked on some really exciting projects over the winter but for my latest before and after transformation, I was definitely inspired by warmer weather.

I worked with a couple that has lived in West Allis for a few decades. They raised their daughter in the house, had big annual Mardi Gras parties, and shared wonderful memories with grandchildren. While their lives evolved and even parts of their home were remodeled, the powder room off of the front entry was stuck in time and never updated. JZID was brought in to help them solve some funky space plan issues and create a design that was elegant enough to be a big wow factor by the foyer but also functional enough for daily use


We have been tearing out so many peach and purple bathroom sets lately, especially in the western and southern Milwaukee suburbs. It’s hard to imagine that the coordinating pastel plumbing was ever a fad!


With just 23.25 square feet to work with in this tiny powder room, there wasn’t a lot of layout changes we could make. You might notice the large gap between the back of the toilet and the wall. Due to how the floor joists were running, we couldn’t move the toilet rough-in to correct this without putting in a significant amount of work so we had to get creative. To trick the eye into thinking it was a bit more flush, we added wainscoting to all four walls. We also corrected a couple of funky things going on with the vanity. Instead of having a pendant hanging on the right side and orienting the sink to the left, we ended up centering everything and installing a sconce above the mirror. Not only were we able to cast better light in the area, we also were able to give the visual impression of a taller ceiling height.


This is such a dramatic before and after transformation! My clients actually want to use this bathroom now instead of avoiding it at all costs like before. There is no doubt the bathroom is still small (notice how I can’t even get a wide-angle photograph!), but at least now it is bright and calming. The wainscoting draws your eye up from the light travertine tile floor to one of the most beautiful wallpapers we’ve ever installed from York Wallcoverings. The elegant lines of the wainscoting and vanity are then contrasted with a contemporary faucet from Hansgrohe. Since my Clients are what I like to call “wood purists”, we opted to anchor the design with a stained oak wood vanity to match the doors in the rest of the home. The warm tones of the oak are pulled in nicely by the quartz countertops and silver leaf mirror and contrasted by the blues and greens in the wallpaper.

Does your powder room need an injection of personality and style? JZID can help redesign your home into an exciting and functional space! Contact us today to get started.