Time for a Refresh

If there's one thing I love about my job its transformations that we make to our Clients' homes. A lot of times we do large-scale renovations that make a huge impact, but there are so many small things that can be done to a room to change the look or amp it up. Especially in winter we tend to notice those areas of the home that need some design assistance - like when we are taking down our holiday decorations or sitting in the house getting cabin fever, things just stick out! Why not tweak a few things to help you feel refreshed when you come home?

To help you know where to start, we've put together a few suggestions that you can easily switch out or change that will make a positive impact in your living space. 

1. Painting

This is such an easy fix and so many people miss opportunities in their house by passing this up. A simple coat (or two) could change your place completely! Below is a comparison of one of my own jobs, Lilly Road Coastal Home.

Finding the right paint for your home can be a lot of work! I recommend starting a Pinterest board and pin some images you like. Once you have enough images you should be able to see what direction you are wanting to go towards. You can then go to your local hardware/ paint shop and get some samples. Here are my steps for finding the perfect sample.

  • Purchase sample pints/quarts of each color along with foam brushes to apply it.
  • Apply two layers of the color in at least two different areas of the room so you can see how the color looks in different lighting and next to trim color.
  • Make sure to feather out the edges when painting so the sample doesn’t show through the final painted wall. The paint doesn't need to be very thick. If you are nervous about putting samples directly on your wall then you can purchase cheap drywall from any hardware store and use that as your surface. 
  • Remember that paint needs time to cure, so wait for the layers to dry before judging them. You should live with the swatches for a few days so you can see how the paint changes with different light levels.
  • And, of course, make sure you label which swatch is which color so you don't get mixed up!

Check out some of our paint blogs below. We are IN LOVE with dark walls at the moment and the new 2018 colors that Pantone released.

2. Add New Throw Pillows

Adding in new pillows is a great and non-committal way to change up your look. There's no need to be limited by what you see at Crate and Barrel or AtHome since you can turn any fabric into a pillow. If you have sewing skills then it will be super easy for you to whip out a new pillow cover but if you don't then you can find a local seamstress (I use one from Etsy) that will create it for fairly cheap. A while ago I did a blog post on some of my favorite fabrics (check it out here). I'm still drawn to graphic and whimsical prints for small pillows that will be feature statement in a room and help inject an eclectic aesthetic into your home. Here are a few fabrics I would love to see on pillows - 

Donghia 1.JPG
Donghia 2.JPG
duralee 2.JPG
Robert allen jungle.JPG

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3. Update Furniture

There are endless options for furniture out there so Clients can often find this a stressful process. But that's also the fun of it! If you're stuck on where to start updating I recommend starting small. A dining room can be a great place to start. We spend a ton time with our families eating and talking over the dinner table, so why not love what you're sitting on?

Bernhardt Mosaic Chair.JPG

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You can also inject new life into your living room with a great new side table. It can be functional with storage or just a statement piece with a metallic surface. Just make sure it is the right scale for the room. All of the dining chairs and side tables here are a part of our Trade accounts where we can get you great discounts or even Trade exclusive items. 

Gabby Home.JPG

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4. Wall Decor

In my house, I am always rotating art pieces that I've picked up from travels, galleries, thrift stores and family members. Artwork can truly transform a room. If it's in the budget, I always recommend supporting local galleries and artists. If you're located in Milwaukee, then you can check out a couple of my favorites galleries - David Barnett Gallery and Tory Folliard. Buying originals or even artist prints really ranges in price so don't count it out. 

If you don't want original art or if you need art in a space where it needs to be durable (like a bathroom), then you can check out one of our custom art sources. One of my favorite online galleries is Zoe Bios Creative. There is a wide range of styles and so many artists to choose from. The art below is just a sliver of pieces they carry. We also have accounts with Wendover Art, Art Classics Limited and Trowbridge Gallery

Art 2.JPG
art 4.JPG
Art 3.JPG

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However you decide to update the house, just have fun with it! We are firm believers that your home should really reflect your personal style. You want your home to look like you, not like a Pottery Barn showroom! If you get stuck or want access to our exclusive and discounted Trade accounts, then give us a call at (309) 371-6676 or shoot us an email. We'd love to work with you!