Going to the Dark Side

The heat wave in Milwaukee [finally] broke - there is a crisp chill in the air and I'm walking through more leaves on the sidewalk than before. I'm ready for sweaters, fuzzy socks and a nice cup of hot tea. This changing of seasons has me really loving the deep, saturated direction a lot of paint companies are going with their color trend reports. One way to instantly create a cozy environment perfect for hibernation is to go darker on the walls. Just think about curling up with a plush blanket in front of the fire with a glass of wine and watching the flames reflect on your saturated wall color - so dreamy! 

Going dark and moody with your room can be a bit high-maintenance (just like your last high-drama relationship). Dark paint shows any imperfections in your painting, so professional application is highly recommended. When going dark, just remember the principles of light and dark. Light colors will expand a space, dark ones will contract it — so only go dark if have a room with a lot of natural light or if you are going for a more cavernous feel (like in a study or a bedroom). 

If the space is right for it, then painting a room in a deep color palette is totally transformative and allows you make metallic finishes, upholstery prints and wall decor really stand out. There's nothing to fear from the dark side, just look at these breath-taking rooms!

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