Welcome to the Team: Devin Nelson

Back in March, I put out an announcement that I was hiring an up-and-coming designer to join my team. I received a lot of great portfolios and met some wonderful candidates. I am happy to announce that in April, I added Devin Nelson to my team. Over the past three months, we have been working away on some great projects (like this one) and have a lot of exciting things in the works. 

Devin is a Wisconsin native, growing up in Portage area outside of Madison. Like me, she has small town roots, but big dreams for design. Her love of the arts started from a young age. A particularly cute story is that she'd spent much of her childhood drawing new layouts for her family home. When she exhausted the wall layouts, she would turn her attention to furniture placement. I can definitely tell that her love of layouts runs deep - she is quick to sketch out kitchen remodels and has a great eye for efficient flows. 

After a few years of drawing out spaces she was eager to learn more about the art of interior design. In high school she took drafting classes, learned AutoCAD and Photoshop and all available studio art classes. After she graduated high school she took a college-level Interior Design course that solidified her desire to pursue the field as a career. Devin attended Griffith College - Dublin in Ireland, where she received her BA in Interior Design. Going from small town Wisconsin to Europe was an eye-opening experience. While in college, Devin traveled across Europe and Africa, soaking up the diversity and history of different culture's art and architecture. Inspiration drawn from her travels carries through to her designs today. She fondly reminisces on her time in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is a city with a unique architectural flare - Gothic mansions sit beside graceful churches and the streets are littered with Modernista masterpieces. This juxtaposition between the historic and modern show strongly through Devin's portfolio and design sense. 

Since graduating college she focused on developing expertise in kitchen and bath design, as well as working in the lighting field. Devin has a love for design and wants to experience everything the design field has to offer, which fits the company's brand as a full-service interior design firm. We are excited to show you projects that Devin and I have worked on this summer as different spaces get installed.

If you'd like to get started on a project with Devin and I, feel free to reach out; we'd love to work with you!