My First Piece of Adult Furniture

After graduating college, I moved in with my now Fiancé, Eli. I could fit all of my belongings into a small Ford Escort and most of our furniture was gifted from family. This meant that half of our small apartment's rooms were empty. Flash forward four years to now and we live in a similarly-sized place but now there are definitely no empty rooms! Still, most of our furniture pieces are temporary or items that were built specifically for the house. 

In a Wayfair blog post today, I share what my first adult furniture purchase was - 

My first piece of ‘real’ furniture was a modern leather recliner that I purchased right after my significant other and I closed on our home. With its down cushions, custom leather upholstery, and sculptural metal arms, this chair not only represented my personal style, but it also signified a permanence in my adult life that I hadn’t felt before.
— Jerrica Zaric of Jerrica Zaric Interior Design

I seriously love this leather chair. I bought it for Eli so he'd have a nice place in the house to be able to relax away from the TV or bedroom to read of do a bit of work. We actually got rid of our dining room table and transformed it into a small study for him. Once my house is in a bit more order, I'll post a photo so you can visualize the space better and actually see the chair! 

I feel like once you get a taste of well made furniture, you can't go back to IKEA for the major pieces. As an interior designer, I am always finding unique quality pieces for clients but my own home still has a bit of work needed to make everything reflect our style. My next big purchase? A new sofa! We are sitting on an old World Market sectional right now that's served us well, but I have my eye out for a Danish-inspired sectional that I can lounge in. 

You can see the Wayfair blog post here: Apartment Living: 5 Items to Invest in Now