Brookfield New Construction Home Project Status

Nothing is more exciting... and stressful than a kitchen install day. Tensions (mostly on my part) are high as tile is unboxed - what if there is damage from shipping, what if the shop messed up the quantity, what if it isn't the right tile?! My client's tile took  6 weeks to be delivered, so a mistake would really set the project timeline back.

The good news is that today everything ended up going about as smooth as a tile install can go! And this project was a long time coming. I've been working in a new construction home in Brookfield, WI for about 7 months. We started off doing animated renderings of 3 bedrooms and style boards for how to spruce up the bathrooms and the open concept living room/kitchen. My client is from the South and wanted to bring a coastal vibe to her home even though her and her husband don't have a lake/ocean to look out to. Who says you have to live on a coast to go coastal anyway?

We did new tile in the master bathroom and kitchen, installed tongue-and-groove boards on sections of the ceiling, changed out light fixtures, painted all rooms, did custom window treatments and installed new furniture in the master bedroom and living room. We still have the 2 guest bedrooms to furnish, but will hold off until after some vacations before placing orders. 

There are a few stand-out features in this house that I LOVE, the first being the calming blue ceiling in the open-concept living area (Benjamin Moore Ocean Air) that's paired with bright white walls (Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace). The blue from the ceiling is tied into the rest of the room through decor and a gorgeous marble mosaic behind the range. I'm also very excited about a custom headboard I created for the master bedroom. The headboard is a grid of velvet upholstered panels that transition from cool white on the top row to navy blue on the bottom.  

I've scheduled this photo shoot for later in the month, so final images should be up in February. 

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