Master Bedroom Project Reveal - Before and After

For the last few weeks, I've been teasing you with snapshots of a master bedroom redesign I did in Glendale, WI. The final photographs are finally in!

Before - 

My clients spent a lot of time putting together the company-facing rooms of their first home, but when it came to their master bedroom the design was really lacking. Like a lot of first-time home buyers, my client's master bedroom was a hodgepodge of furniture left over from their college and apartment days. The space wasn't being utilized to it's fullest potential and most of the furniture didn't fit well in the room. 

After - 

JZID was hired to update the floor plan and furniture in this room to follow the client's preferred contemporary, yet sophisticated aesthetic. 

The focal point of the room is the 3x6' custom headboard that JZID made out of hand-marbled paper. I love how this turned out, it is the perfect blend of sophistication and unexpected artistic detail. Paired with a gold throw, pillows with yellow and orange accents and a dark braided quilt, the colors of the marbled paper really pop. Check out this blog post for a more in-depth description of how I made the headboard.

To make the most of the floor plan, the desk that was previously in the room was moved to a separate room that is now used as an office and is replaced by a small seating area. A couple of my favorite elements from this room are the metallic side tables. The mix of metal and high gloss white glass  pair perfectly with the concrete pillar lamp. It's also a great container for this collector edition of the Vogue Editor's Eye book.

Other than adding a seating area, I kept the floor plan pretty much the same. The bed is in the same spot, but a more narrow dresser is being used as the TV stand. This allows for a wider walkway to the other side of the bed, as well as hidden wire storage and drawers for clothing. 

Filling up the wall across from the seating area is a seven-cube storage wall unit filled with curious decorative objects collected throughout the years. The metallic clock and bowl mimic the metals in the side tables, tying the design together. 

To see more photos from this project, check out the JZID portfolio or Houzz page. Interested in redesigning your master bedroom? Contact JZID today for your free consultation.

All project photos taken by Ryan Hainey Photography.