Industrial Condo Design Plan

One project that I have going on now is a historic 3rd Ward condo in Milwaukee. The one-bed condo is an industrial dream - exposed brick, 12 foot ceilings, large windows and all wood floors. Part of my job is to turn the first-time home buyer's open concept area into a well defined  living space that uses the existing kitchen and bar area, while fitting in a seating/TV area and dining. 

There are two main design problems with this room that caused the owners to hire Jerrica Zaric Interior Design: 

  1. The room is long and narrow. I like to call these types of rooms 'bowling alleys'. For this room, the dimensions are 17'W x  27'3"L. 
  2. There is a raised brick platform in the corner of the room that is about 6" tall. and is a quarter circle that juts out 6'.  Looks like there maybe was a stove in that corner when the building was built, but is no longer there. 

To see how I addressed the space planning issues, check out the video below. 

My major design inspirations for the space were the inkjet photo (see image to the right) and the raw materials featured in the space (exposed brick walls and wood ceiling). To tie everything together, I've included natural wood tables mixed with highly graphic prints and sleek, modern furniture. The corner platform is now going to be used as extra seating in the form of a hanging egg chair. This will use the space wisely, while allowing the home owners to sit and see out of their amazing, tall windows that start at 3' off the floor and run up to the ceiling. 

This project will take about 4-5 weeks to complete and I cannot wait to show you all the final photographs.