What a design presentation looks like

Sorry for the shortage of posts lately; I've been busy. I have projects in full swing and have been working on a new client presentation that I just got back from. I presented a comprehensive design plan for a new construction ranch home that my client recently moved into. After the presentation, the client said something really nice - she said that she never thought her budget would allow her to have a design presentation that looked like it was off one of her favorite HGTV shows. By this, she was referring to the 3D, animated renderings that I created for three of her bedrooms. You've all probably seen shows like Fixer Upper or Property Brothers where the designer reveals animated renderings of what the transformed space will looks like - the client knows exactly what the space will look like and is shocked at the transformation (there are always gasps).

With JZID's designer services, this type of design presentation is not just for TV. I will create 3D renderings of your home using Google SketchUp and give you a booklet of paint chips, fabric swatches, and flooring samples that you can keep in order to help you when choosing the final design. 

Most non-designers find it difficult to really visualize what their redesigned room would look like from just looking at sketches and swatches. By seeing 3D renderings along with fabric swatches, clients are more clearly able to see the final product - with no surprises at the install. 

Here are two examples of my room designs that I presented today. The space that needs redesigned is a guest bedroom. The client really likes coastal motifs (without being kitschy) and wants the space to be a retreat for guests. As a part of this project, I developed two design concepts for this room. The first is inspired by a more modern hotel feel with a neutral color palette and clean lines, while the second is more rustic and focused on a coffee sitting area. Below are the animated renderings that allow you to take a virtual tour of how the two designs can transform the same bedroom. 

Curious about what your remodel could look like? Would you like to virtually walk through your new kitchen/bath before diving into the demolition? Contact me today to get your project started