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I love to cook, so I tend to spend a lot of time in my kitchen. Right now, my kitchen isn't the most ideal space; there isn't any room for a dishwasher, the countertops don't all match and the laminate isn't in the best shape, but it has quite a large floor plan. One thing that I see as a downfall in the kitchen is that the sink isn't on a wall with a window. I don't have a dishwasher, so a lot of time is spent at the sink washing dishes and staring at a blank wall. 

To help with the boredom that settles in, I hung one of my favorite vintage prints above the sink for something interesting to look. I made sure the print was well framed with glass so any water splashing up doesn't ruin the print. Typically the spray is pretty tame, so the artwork stays dry pretty much all the time. 

This is a great addition to your kitchen if you live in an apartment and can't make any serious changes to the walls, or if you live in an older home. A big plus is that the glass over the print is much easier to clean than a painted wall. And best of all, the print adds extra color and visual interest to the room.

Here's how it turned out -