Garden Update: Stones Arrive

The Japanese garden is progressing. Yes, there are still a ton of weeds that need to be pulled and a lot of woodworking that needs done... but we are taking it one step at a time. Over lunch today, Lemke Stone from Lannon, WI delivered 4 large boulders. The photo above is Eli supervising the small dump truck. I was a bit nervous about dumping 7,000 pounds of rock into the yard, but everything worked out just fine. The photo below  shows what state the rocks are in now; they are just randomly thrown in the yard. 

Because they are way too heavy for us to move ourselves, we will have a separate company come in the next couple of weeks to place the stones exactly the way we want them. 3 stones will stay in this area by the shed to create a triad motif that is common in Japanese gardens. We have 1 large vertical stone that will serve as the central stone, or omo-ishi (主石, “master or main rock”), and two flatter supporting stones, or waki-ishi (脇石 “flanking or supporting stones”). We'll then place one smaller rock closer to the house to act as a land-based rock. 

Japanese gardens are seriously complex! Eli and I have spent so many hours researching and preparing, it is just fun to see pieces starting to come together. Check out the photo below to see closer views of 3 of the 4 rocks while they were still in the quarry show yard. 

Lots of updates to come in the next few weeks - I will keep you all posted!