My Kitchen's Personality

The Kitchn blog recently posted an article that pairs different kitchen styles to the different  Myers-Briggs typologies. For those of you who don't know about the Myers-Briggs test, it is a 4 letter code that tells you what your personality is based on a series of questions. Questions range from whether you feel emotionally involved when watching soap operas to gauging if you find yourself contemplating life's complexity. 

Image Source:  1

Image Source: 1

According to the test that I took, I'm an ENTJ - Extrovert over an introvert, Intuition over sensing, Thinking over feeling, Judging over perceiving. Depending on the day and period I'm at in my life, I'm sometimes a ENFJ (feeling trumps thinking). But today, I definitely feel like an ENTJ.

I don't tend to take these personality tests too seriously, but some elements of the Myers-Briggs does make sense and shed light on some of my habits and reactions. The ENTJ description could explain why I get bored easily if I don't have a thousand things going on, and why I like to throw in some competitiveness into my hobbies (like yoga and skiing). 

The Kitchn is now taking my personality analysis to the next level. To the Kitchen, an ENTJ is called  the Commander personality type and the editor took a stab at what my kitchen style is... and it was surprisingly accurate. Here's what they have to say: 

"Your kitchen style is Sophisticated Industrial. Sometimes it takes a hard edge to really push things through. You appreciate strong industrial-style elements — cage pendant lights, metal stools — but you're not interested in roughing it. Traditional cabinets (painted black) keep the look sophisticated, and only slightly intimidating — just how you like it."

The scary part is that I do have metal stools paired with traditional cabinets. And I really don't like the distressed 'industrial' look in my home.  

Check out the image that the Kitchn says represents my personality's style to the right >>

Was this more of a lucky guess than a scientific analysis? Help me figure it out. Take the Myers-Briggs test (link here) and then check out the Kitchn (article link here) to see if their analysis works for you.