5 Simple Projects for Your Memorial Day Weekend

I'm very excited for this long Memorial Day weekend! It's going to be a bit rainy in Milwaukee, so cookouts and poolside lounging may not be in the cards. If we have to stay inside, then we might as well do a bit of fun home-improvement, right?! 

Check out 5 simple projects that you can do in an afternoon this weekend -

1. Hang new house numbers

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your curb appeal is to hang new house numbers. My favorite numbers are from Modernist architect icon, Richard Neutra. His numbers are classic and unobstrusive and it's no wonder that Neutra numbers run about $50 per number. If you have a jigsaw and a little bit of woodworking skills, then you can make your own for around $20 and 90 minutes a set. Check out Curbly.com for a full tutorial. 

2. Reorganize your home office

Every room in your home has a purpose, but your home office may be the nerve center of your entire house. If you have a home-based business like I do, then you need a well-functioning space to keep your files organized and you sanity intact. This weekend, take a minute to take inventory of your office and make sure you're set up properly to enable organization. 

A well-set up office should have:

  • An inbox you can use to put bills, contracts and other paperwork on your to-do list. This doesn't have to be a traditional tray. Try setting up a bulletin board or metal grid to clip paperwork to.
  • Filing to hold current projects. You probably have different folders on your computer to separate projects. Why not do this for hard copies? 
  • A filing cabinet is the best way to keep your project folders organized. You don't have to have the classic grey metal cabinet. IKEA and CB2 both make uniquely-styled cabinets that would give your office a polished, modern touch. 
  • And a trash can, recycling container and shredder so you don't keep accumulating paper waste that will only stress you out and take up space. 

3. Update your entry rug

We all have utility or flat woven mats in our entryway. These mats work great for wiping off your shoes, but are not always the cutest. This weekend, tape off a pattern on your rug and use acrylic paint to create your graphic. You can do a tribal pattern, something abstract or use typography to create your statement - the possibilities are endless.

4. Swap out your knobs

One easy way to update the look of your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity or dresser drawers is to take off your old knobs and bring in something a bit more unexpected. All you have to do is unscrew the old knobs and replace them. My favorite place right now to get unique, quirky knobs is Anthropology

5. Paint your doorways

Painting doorways is an easy way to add unexpected color to your home. This works great if you are a bit color shy and don't want to commit to a color for your entire room. Choose a color that you absolutely love and matches the color scheme  that is used in your furniture and decor. Not only will painting your doorway give your room a sense of destination, but the color can be easily swapped out over the years. 

Have a great Memorial Day!

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