5 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Are you starting to feel the pressure of hosting Thanksgiving this week? You most likely have your menu all planned out and most ingredients piling in your refrigerator, but what about your table presentation? Creating a festive tablescape that will wow your guests doesn't have to be time consuming or a drain on your resources. I've compiled 5 fast and easy table decor DIY ideas for you to knock out this week before guests flood in for your delicious food.


1. 5-Minute Fall Centerpiece 

This centerpiece idea from Julie Blanner is food-inspired and only involves 4 ingredients - a cheesecloth, apples, pillar candles and bunches of seeded eucalyptus. The pop of red against the earthy eucalyptus screams fall and will instantly make your table a standout piece without being overbearing. 

Here's what you'll do: 

1. Gather all of your ingredients (buy the eucalyptus branches or other dried/fresh branches if you don't have this around the house). 

2. Place your cheesecloth where you want it on the table.

3. Arrange the branches, starting at the ends and then filling in the middle.

4. Place your tallest pillar in the middle and then scatter the shorter candles throughout the branches. 

5. Place the apples where any holes need filled and voile! 

See step-by-step instructions here >> julieblanner.com



2. Hand Printed Table Runner 

If you are serving your Thanksgiving meal family-style or if you are fitting more people around the table then would otherwise fit, then a large centerpiece may not be right for you. This DIY table runner from A Beautiful Mess can either be done as shown in it's tribal black or be altered slightly to include more fall-inspired colors. Create your own printed runner using burlap, paint, paintbrush, cardboard, cork, scissors and glue. The basics of this DIY are that you'll create a stamp using the cardboard and cork, paint the stamp then apply it to the fabric. 

See step-by-step instructions here >> A Beautiful Mess


3. Gold Dipped Pear Placecards 

Let's be honest, some families need assigned seating to avoid any family holiday drama; so, why not make the placards stylish? I love this color-blocked DIY project from Almost Makes Perfect. These fake pears are cheap (you can find them at any dollar store or craft store), easy to make and will last for years. I would even use them for any fall or winter dinner party, not just Thanksgiving! 

Here's what you'll need: craft pears, white spray paint, gold acrylic paint, blank labels, string, a plastic tub for dipping and fixative spray. 

1. Take your pears outside and spray them with fixative to prep them for paint.

2. Spray paint the pears white and let them full dry outside.

3. Pour the gold paint into a plastic tub and set out paper plates for drying.

4. Dip each pear in the gold paid while keeping the tub tipped to one side.

5. Let the pears dry then attach the name cards using string. 

See the full tutorial here >> Almost Makes Perfect



4. Scented Napkin Holders

How many times a year do you dig out your cloth napkins - once or twice a year, maybe? Such a special occasion item deserves a little love every once in a while. Leave it up to a Swedish blog, Vintage House, to  elevate plain white cotton napkins into a rustic and earthy showstopper. What I love about these napkins is that they not only look great, but they smell amazing. You can leave those scented candles alone this holiday and instead have the fragrance of fall emanate up from the table. The blog doesn't have a step-by-step tutorial for you to do this at home, but it looks pretty self-explanatory. Here's what I'd do: 

1. Gather long cinnamon sticks, twine, greenery from your yard (like fern leaves) and your linen napkins. 

2. Roll up your silverware in the napkins like you'd normally do. 

3. Grab 1 bunch of greenery and 1 cinnamon stick and place them on your napkin rolls. 

4. Cut about 2 feet of twine and wrap it around your napkins several times. 

5. Tie the twine in a loose, easy to undo knot and set your table. 

You can see more images of this beautiful tablescape here >> Vintage House



5. Sliced Log Trivet

A typical Thanksgiving meal will require you to be in the kitchen most of the day, so if you want your food to shine rather than decor items then that is perfectly understandable. This simple DIY from the DIY Network will literally put your food on a pedestal. Using fallen branches, cut your logs into even heights and bundle them on your table to create an elevated serving method. 

I particularly love this project since I can't tell you how many times I've run out of hot plates and trivets during dinner parties. This DIY is both functional and stylish!

See more information on this DIY here >> DIY Network

Have wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels everyone!