Custom Furniture Not Out of Reach

Last month, Apartment Therapy did a web series where they asked leading industry professionals Genevieve Gorder, Christiane Lemieux and Andrew Corrie to share their thoughts on custom furniture in today's economy. The general consensus was that as the economy improves clients are willing to spend more money on [non-Ikea] custom furniture. 

Take a look at the video to the right >>>

I agree with the panel. Clients are no longer shying away from tailored-made furniture or artwork projects. JZID offers custom designs for furniture, lighting, sculptures and 2D artwork to give clients truly unique pieces that fit their space. 

One example is a kitchen island (see JZID renderings below) that expands and contracts to accommodate more seating. The island top is set on a track that rolls out to create more table space when needed. When the client doesn't have company, the table rolls back in so it doesn't take up more floor space than needed. By building custom, JZID was able to solve the design problem of limited floor space while matching the look and feel of the existing kitchen cabinets. After drawing up specifications and creating a 3D rendering, JZID went through rounds of revisions with the client before contracting a local craftsman to execute the build.  

Have a tough design problem that you need solved? Interested in having locally-made pieces for your home that no one else will have? Contact JZID to schedule a consultation to see if building custom is right for you.