Closet Makeover - Before and After

It's every fashion lover's dream to have a custom-made closet. See how I transformed my client's spare bedroom into a functional, contemporary dressing room. Before and after photos below. 

Before - The space had very little storage and an awkward flow caused by a closet that is half the size as a standard closet and an 'L' shaped layout. 

After - I transformed this former spare bedroom into a functional dressing room. The concept is much like a retail space. Through the use of a hanging closet bar, floating shelves, wall hooks and an open concept closet, the client can now go shopping for her clothes, bags and accessories. The result is a contemporary space that breathes new life into the client's existing clothing. 

Expert Tip: Instead of doing a traditional full-length mirror in the dressing area, I took 4 mirrors and stacked them to increase in the sense of space in an otherwise small section of the room. The mirrors were less expensive than buying a large mirror that would fill the wall and makes a bold statement.

Expert Tip: When it comes to open concept, simplification is key. You don't need to throw every piece of clothing you own on the hanging closet bar. Try displaying only seasonal clothing that you will wear in the near future and put the rest of your clothing in storage. When it comes to staying organized, purging is the key. Don't be afraid to let go of clothing that you haven't worn in years! You want your closet to be an inspirational place. Showcasing items that you haven't touched since your college days wont give the desired effect. Toss out those ripped and stained items and donate what you can.  

JZID-Dressing-Room-Redesign_vanity shelves close up.jpg

Expert Tip: For many of us, makeup is more than just a product, it is almost a piece of decor. I chose to display the client's Mary Kay collection on acrylic shelves to 1) give more storage than the small MICKE Ikea desk would allow and 2) to draw attention to the beautiful packaging. The creamy pinks and dramatic blacks of the bottles pop nicely off the pale blue wall and tie in with the framed advertisements on the top shelf (a piece that a family member drew back in her advertising days). 


Expert Tip: If you have a pair of heirloom curtains handed down to you by family members or picked up at Goodwill, then give them a face lift to make them contemporary again. For this makeover, I painted a pair of sheer floral curtains that the client owned with black and silver metallic fabric paint. The result is a dramatic statement piece that hangs from ceiling to floor.    

Expert Tip: I added retail clothing hooks and bar to the wall opposite the entrance. This way, the client can lay out her favorite pieces so she can be inspired as soon as she walks into the room. This is also a great way to set out outfits to create different combinations when figuring out what to wear!

Image Source: All photos are styled by JZID and shot by Ryan Hainey.