John Rawlings - Fashion Photography

Clients often ask what inspires me to create certain designs. One inspiration among many is the fashion industry, and I'm not alone in this. Whether it is a literal transformation the runway to the home or using fashion photography in a design, fashion has been inspiring interior designer for centuries. 

From runway to home - 

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The use of fashion photography - A trend lately is using fashion photography in the design itself as a statement piece. I adore the oversize black-and-white portrait of sultry and windswept Brigitte Bardot. 

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My favorite fashion photographer is John Rawlings. With over 200 Vogue and Glamour covers to his credit and 30,000 photos in archive, John Rawlings (1921-1970) immortalized the era in which American fashion and style truly came into their own.  During his three-decade affiliation with Conde Nast, Rawlings’s work paralleled his publishers’ and editors’ efforts to reformat and expand the power and scope of the fashion press. Rawlings's body of work is as ground-breaking as it is compelling. His photographs have the vintage quality you'd expect from the 30's-60's, but have a timeless glamour. Rawlings's combination of artistic futuristic shots and understanding of movement are ground breaking for the period he worked from (1930-1960). Here are a few examples of my favorite photographs (Notice one photograph even made it into my inaugural mood board post of favorite things):

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